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Voice over

A Specialist company in the art of voice-overs for any Situation be it a store promotion, car launch, external public event.


In fact, anywhere that requires your clients to know exactly what services or products you are supplying.

We are also available for voice-overs for animated films, this can be a serious or comedy role, whatever is required.

In 2016 we have opened up a new voice-over studio giving us now two studios one has been set up for Female voice-over work and the second has been set up for Male voice-overwork. Both studios have been working hard on many voice-over campaigns so book up this service and get your adverts ready for the public.



For these areas we can supply a system that can be wired into the stores sound system or if needed a live set up on the store floor.

Then with a script that we will agree with the client, we can play music with voice over during the day, giving your store or event a personal radio service.


Product Launches

This area is aimed at Manufactures or suppliers, this can be a car launch, fashion show and a public event.

Most of our clients use this service alongside our special effects lighting service.


Adverts & Film

For all our clients we can arrange a voice over with or with our music.  Also with an agreed script, we can voice over Adverts or animated film.  We can also supply voice overs for audiobooks for the blind or general public.



Over the years we have provided our services for the following:


Hospital Radio

Studio 17


Red Cross

Sussex Police




Alfa Rameo





Many out door Christmas events for towns in Sussex. 

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