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Here at S.E.D, we are specialists in special effects and laser techniques and we are always adding even more to this area.



Small Lasers

 6 lens RGB beam laser effect units, these are controlled by DMX or internal programs or sound to light. Total laser power from these are 400 mwatts and create amazing aerial beam effects and can be in Red, Green, or Blue and all three colours. Add to this our very bright 400 mwatt blue laser unit creating liquid sky effects and much more.

Laser Cube


The 1-watt Laser Cube by Wicked Lasers is a powerful, portable and easy-to-use laser system designed with DJs, Musicians, and Live Performers in mind. Paired with the user friendly Laser OS software, Laser Cube's potential is endless.  Laser shows can be created and run on the go with just a Laser Cube and a phone or laptop (Android, PC, Mac), so you can go wherever life takes you!


Larger Lasers:

Full RGB  3 watts (3000Mw) and 10 watts (10000Mw) laser these powerful lasers are fully programmable with animation as well as beam effects.  The only limitations with these units are your imagination.  Comes with full Iaser Show software on a computer tower with a monitor or touch screen hp all in one computer.  We can do a standard show using images already in the laser plus pre-programmed images in the software, or we can do fully customized laser shows programming in your own logos or drawings.


The above has been used for the following:

Product displays

Photo Shoots

Product Launches

General Lighting for conferences and meetings.

Projectors for meetings and product launches

Lasers for Business Logos and Conferences.

Full Design workshop.

Outdoor events

10 watts used as land mark lasers



And much more.





Below are images of the new 6 lens laser system
Below images of our Green laser systems
3 WATT RGB 1.png

New Pro Range of RGB lasers.

Video of 3 watt system

Laser Cube 1.jpg
Laser Cube 2.jpg

Laser Cube Shown above

10 watt RGB waterproof indoor/outdoor lasers

246 photo.png
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