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Lighting Design

A Specialist company in the art of lighting and special effects for any Situation be it a store promotion, car launch, external public event and is also well known for its use of scanning or moving lighting, including searchlights and even laser gloves.

In some situations, the company has been asked to make either a lighting effect or a stage prop just for a one-off show or for some clients the ability may not be in place or the cash flow to be able to make props for their shows, so this is where S.E.D comes in.

The company has also used its abilities in projection and art design to project a clients idea onto large screens in theaters and halls to give that extra illusion to there audience.

Also in this area the company built from scratch a projector to rotate a clients logo onto a large internal wall for a showroom opening, all this was done in conjunction with a laser & light show all put to music.

Special Effects.

The director being an electronics engineer as well as having a flair for graphic design and a fantastic indoor team S.E.D has put together some amazing special effects for both indoor and outdoor events. We have covered fashion shows, photoshoots, small and large stage productions, company conferences and many outdoor sound and light shows.

We have wowed audiences with our pyrotechnics and projection images and built everything from a 13-foot man for a fashion show, to a projector that rotated a company logo on a wall.

The company has also recently been used its talents for a magazine photo shoot where we had to fill a river bed with mist and lighting for wolf dogs to run through, as well as making a large screen that had to be made on a football pitch due to the size and weight.



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