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Welcome to South East Design



With over 30 years of experience in the Event Promotional field as well as radio we feel that we have a lot to offer our clients, from our Voice-over service to lighting designs for indoor or outdoor events.  The company director also uses his talents in electronic engineering to make one-off special effects for any given situation.

Over the years our equipment has been used for voice-over playback for the BBC and our sound and lighting for product launches and promotional events.  Our voice-over service has been used for product launches, adverts as well as the public arena for the entertainment industry.


Our Experience Shows


For many clients, the ability to be able to make sometimes from scratch ideas for our clients has made us one of the best in our field, from using projection images on Buildings, stage, and screens and making rotating logos for companies.

For our Product Launches the company supplied in most cases the lighting plus sound equipment as well as the voice-overs for the events.

For Sussex police, we supplied lighting, sound equipment, and staff for 18 months for an anti-drugs campaign.

When asked to put on a show for Christmas in Sussex S.E.D created a lighting and projection show to music in front of thousands. These shows take months of hard work in both programming the lighting to the music and designing the artwork to be projected onto screens.

South East Design has now put together three roadshows, Bronze, Silver, and Gold for the entertainment area, so click on the Roadshow page to find out more details.

Click on the link below to see a sample of  one 1.5 unit and one 3 watt unit

    (this unit due to room size had to be zoomed smaller to fit in the room)



Also along with our recent addition of the Led Spiders, we now have another green laser unit and a pure blue laser system along with our new 6 lens laser systems to our growing list of lighting.


Please click on our links below or copy and paste in your browser

for videos of some of our services.

Video for 2022 castle show:



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