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Promotional Events



For these areas, we can supply a system that can be set up to light certain products or colour wash large areas.  We are also able to set up effects such as up lighters, Flame effects units, 2k profile/searchlights, and projection mapping.


Product Launches

This area is aimed at Manufactures or suppliers, this can be a car launch, fashion show, and a public event. In some cases, we have had to build lighting effects from scratch to be able to put some of our client's dreams into reality.


Large Shows

These are mainly outside and aimed at clients who want to draw a lot of attention.  In the past, these have been laser shows and large sound and lighting events.  Most of these can take up to 5 or 6 months depending on the amount of artwork or programming required.

In some cases, they also include pyrotechnics or fireworks all to music.


Small shows

This area is aimed at the small amateur drama or stage production where no show is too small.


 Full RGB 1.5 watt (1500 Mw) to 10-watt waterproof laser systems with full animation, images are shown below.



246 photo.png
Laser Cube 1.jpg
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