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Road Shows



 South East Design has put together three roadshows to hire and aimed at the entertainment market. This can be a Wedding, Birthday Party, or a Public / Commercial indoor /outdoor entertainment show, and all shows come with a presenter/audio technician along with a laser/lighting technician.


The three shows we have put together come with full computerized lighting including Moving heads, Led Spiders, and a sound show and all can be tailored made for your requirements and venue.


The shows come as mentioned in three basic packages, these being Bronze, Silver, and Gold and all can have extras added to them these being from Image projections and outdoor searchlights and inflatables just ask for more details on these.


The main differences between the shows are the laser systems that are used with them and are as follows:


Bronze: One Royal Blue Laser unit working to sound to light creating patterns and liquid sky effects. This is a great laser and can be used in venues of up to 200 people. Also, we will add to this will be two of our new 6 lens RGB beam laser units giving you three units in one show.


Silver: This show uses the same three laser systems as in the bronze but this time one more powerful RGB 3 watt laser unit will be added. This unit will be linked to our lighting desk meaning that we can create amazing air/sweeping effects. This means that for this show you will get one laser extra unit making this a three-head system for a great looking effect.


Gold: This show is one of the biggest and amazing lasers shows to watch and will bring any wedding/ event alive. Not only does it use the same lasers units that are in the bronze and silver shows but this time we add another full colour computerized laser. These are 3 watt versions and fill large events with multi-beam effects. These two lasers also can create full moving animations on walls and screens and are always popular with our commercial clients in the promotional field. So for the gold show, you will get four lasers in this amazing package, all you need is a venue big enough for it.


All our music is stored and played on the night through a computer, but we also have a large cd library which is available at the touch of a button. Our sound systems on these shows use the same Peavey Pro/ W Audio Professional sound systems that we use for our promotional clients.


All shows come along with not just the lasers but also amazing Led Moving heads, Scanners, and FX lighting making them the best in their field, and giving you and your guests a night to remember.


With all our shows we do have to do a site visit to make sure that the show you would like can be used at the venue of your choice. All shows are fully pat tested before they are loaded on to the van not just tested once a year like most other Discos/roadshows, as we take safety very seriously.

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