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Pa Hire

Our Pa systems come in four packages you can have the Passive Peavey Pro and complete with amps or our Powerwerks power array 2 & DB Technologies Active Speaker systems.

Powerwerks power array 2 system gives a great sound and are very light and can fit in most cars with no problems, and at 660 watts RMS powerful enough for most small to medium events..

The DB Technologies system we use is the fantastic sounding Opera Series, with their new horn design giving an even top-end dispersion. Also add to this the 615 active subs you have a fantastic sounding system at 130 dBs and 1200 watts RMS per side.

With the active range, you can hire a mixer with them or just connect your laptop or audio device into the back.

Pa/Audio equipment for hire this can be from the hire of a single microphone or two with or without a lectern plus speakers is just one of our many sound options.   All you need to do is provide details of where the PA will be used and what it’s for and we’ll choose the exact equipment you need.  We can provide it on a “dry hire basis” (without an engineer) to keep your costs down or we’ll happily set it all up to ensure it sounds great.

We can also provide a full outdoor PA system complete with technicians, sound engineers, and a health and safety evaluation.

Our P.A Systems can be used for Conferences, Business meetings, Product, and promotional events with full designs for your specific needs.

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peavey pro speaker.jpg
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Powerwerks Power array 2

powerwerks array 2 top.jpg
powerwerks array 2.jpg
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DB Technologies

OPERA 12 (2)jpg.jpg
db technologies 615 sub.jpg
OPERA 12 (1)jpg.jpg
OPERA 12 (3)jpg.jpg
db technologies 615 sub 2.jpg

DBTechnologies Opera Series


DB Technologies 615 subs

Mixers & More


This is our largest mixer in our hire range and partners all our Pa Systems but mainly the DB Technologies system. This is the Studiomaster C4TX-16 with 30 inputs and two built in Digital Effects. This unit is great for any live event as well as studio use.

10 inputs,
6 mic channels
2 stereo channels
16 DSP effects
USB/SD media player
Footswitch socket
Inputs: 10
Mic Inputs: 6
Stereo Inputs: 2
Mic Gain Range: 6dB to 50dB
Line Gain Range: 10dB to 34dB

studiomaster club X 10.jpg

In this area we have the Behringer mixer 1202 the and 502 ( 502 can be used direct with PC).

These mixers are great for smaller events as well as for those who want to use a mixer for DJ and presenting.  The 502 is great to use as a small mixer connecting to a PC or Mac as a sound card.

Behringer mixer 1202.jpg

By Far our smallest mixer and this one we recommend only to be used for

non professional use. Great for home parties and used as an interface between our projectors and the Powerwerks Power Array as a cinema system.

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